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Sacred Datura Flower Essence

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Sacred Datura, harvested and created under the Libra full moon in 2018.

Here’s a little more about the use of this sacred plant’s energy (not to be consumed or taken internally as an extract or whole plant, flower essences are a preservation of the plants energy/vibration and no actual constituents are in the final product).

Sacred datura flower essence facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a more comprehensive, visionary state.

When appropriate, it supports us in letting go of a known or familiar reality, such as a relationship or job, without feeling threatened.

• dissolving your illusions or cherished beliefs about reality
• courage to let go of the familiar and secure
• eases the confusion and paradox often experienced during periods of transformation and perceptual shifts
• often indicated when the form or ideals of a relationship need re-examination or change
helps open the “doors of perception” to a new, expanded experience of reality
• encourages deep inner visionary states and acceptance of them as a natural part of being
• helps you see beyond your present view of reality to a much more expanded state

Take 4 drops as instructed by your herbalist.

Ingredients: Sacred datura flower essence, spring water, organic cane alcohol, vegetable glycerin.

.5 ounce