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Barbary Fig + Chamomile Botanical Facial Serum


A delicate facial serum featuring barbary fig seed oil and chamomile extract (known as Alpha bisabolol).

Barbary fig seed oil (Indian fig opuntia or Barbary fig) is a...
• Powerful anti-oxidant which stops the ageing of cells, stimulates their renewal, and helps to protect against free radicals.
• Anti-wrinkle, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles and lines as well as the circles and bags under the eyes.
• Reduces redness (rosacea), soothes sunburn.
• Restructurer, healer, and repairer, it has a positive action on scars.
• Firming product, procures a smoothing effect, is an excellent tensor, closes the skin’s pores, tones and firms the skin of the face and breasts.
• Moisturizes and nourishes, its emollient softens and smoothes the skin in depth.

Chamomile extract (Alpha bisabolol)
• Acts as an anti-irritant, protecting the skin from everyday damage
• Stimulates and promotes the skin’s healing process
• Improves the appearance of damaged skin by moisturizing and helping to restore suppleness
• Prevents signs of aging with antioxidant benefits
• Reduces incidence of UV-induced erythema (sunburn)
• Soothes irritation by acting as an analgesic and relaxant
• Helps fight bad bacteria and even some cancer cells

Organic Ingredients: Jojoba oil, barbary fig seed oil, chamomile extract, rosehip seed oil, rose, geranium and lavender essential oils.

1 ounce.